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Planet Farm Foxes

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Welcome to the Farm

PlanetFarms Foxes is a collection of 10,000 generative full body fox avatars prepared to do some farming on the Ethereum blockchain.


Farm Fox holders become owners of crops on our IRL farm in California and receive physical food and drink from the farm!!! Farm Fox holders are also allowed entry into a farmvillesque blockchain game to plant, grow, and redeem crops for further food and prizes. Why buy groceries when you can own a farm!

What all does a Farm Fox get you?


-A farm fox earns you entry into the NFT FarmVille game!

            -Build a farm and sell it for ETH

            -Play minigames for NFT prizes

            -Grow crops to earn tokens or redeem for physical food from the farm

            -Get a GOLD farm and play with your NFTs from other communities


-Future airdrops of farm companions


-Exclusive offers from and input on the direction of the Planet Farms sustainable food product line

-Visits to the IRL farm to see your crops

-FarmDao opportunities to own and profit from IRL farmland

-An Exclusive Blowout Barn Party

Own a Farm (1).gif

Ever want to become a farmer?

Well now you can!!!


Soon after minting we will airdrop fox holders farms! Your farm will be linked to our real world farm in California that sends you physical food & drink!!! AND earns you seeds to grow your farm in the metaverse blockchain farm game.

Were you airdropped an almond farm? We'll send you physical almonds from our/your farm in California AND send you digital almond seeds to begin growing, trading, and earning in the farm metaverse!

10,000 Farms

Rice Farm- 2800

Walnut Farm- 2800

Almond Farm- 2800

Grape Farm (Wine)- 500

CBD Farm (Smokeable Flower)- 500

Barley Farm (Beer)- 500

Pumpkin Farm- 100

500 of these airdrops will be GOLD FARMS. GOLD FARMS will be the most fertile farms in the game and allow you to invite your NFTs from other projects to play with in the game: 


Farm Metaverse

The Physical Farm

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 2.28.05 PM.png

Become part of the Planet Farms team! An agriculture start up building a revolutionary food product line that puts the environment first. We found a way to grow almonds with 20% less water and are excited to share!

We're working on ways to grow other crops with renewable food waste fertilizer and feel with a little luck and hard work we can grow into one of the largest food product companies in the world!

Trust us! As Planet Farms succeeds so will Farm Fox holders!

Road Map 1.0


Begin airdropping metaverse farms and shipping physical food & drink. Donate to food bank charities


Launch the duck hunt mini game to win a Sup Duck NFT & send the farmville game to full production


Create merch and set the location and date for the blowout barn party


Build more mini games for NFT prizes & begin work on companions

Down the Road 2.0

Companions- Birds to chase you around the farm like navi and increase farms fertility

Treasure Hunt- BAYC's was fun but lets get outside and see some farms

Tokenomics? Earn farm tokens for growing and trading crops

FarmDao? Help expand the farm and the Planet Farms product line




Farm Ape is the owner and founder of Planet Farms and the farm metaverse. Other farmers give him crap for his wild ideas. He has a passion for farming and sees NFTs as the future. Farm Ape was born, raised, and lives on a farm outside Sacramento, CA. He has degrees in crop and soil science and sustainability. He built an irrigation consulting/software company at 25 and found a way to grow almonds with 20% less water! Farm Ape feels that with your help we can build the metaverse and revolutionize farming to end droughts and stop climate change.

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